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January 2014

Francisco Urbano

Born in Portugal, 1961
Recommended by Serralves Museum;
Member of Arvore (Portugal); Member of AIBACC (Barcelona/Spain);
Resident Artist in the Cais Art's, Atlântica and Londot Galleries;
School of Arts Soares dos Reis; Photography - Portuguese Institute of Photography;
Curval Atelier;
Founder and Manager of the L’AGENZIA DI ARTE Group.

Distinction Prize in Portugal's Fine Arts Show 2007;
Winner 2007 in the Prime Class Art Portugal Gallery Prize;
Honourable Mention in Brazil’s Fine Arts Show 2007;
Médaille D’Or - 38º Salon Concours International – Académie Européenne Des Arts - 2008;
Special Distinction Award – Malta International Art Biennale 2009; Bronze Award 2012 Cais
Art’s Gallery;

More than 150 exhibitions: Cais Art's Gallery; Cam. Municipal de Monção - Casa do Curro, Café Majestic

Gallery; Cupertino Miranda Foundation; Homo Habilis Gallery; Armindo Teixeira Lopes Museum; Rui
Alberto Gallery; Rivoli Theater; Artis, GóisArte; Agirarte; Mãe D'Água Museum; Casa da Cultura da Trofa;
Carmen Miranda Museum; III Int. Exhibition of Quinta do Lago - Londot Gallery; Puro Arte 2007 - Vigo Int. Art Fair – Spain; Arte G Gallery; Lugar do Vinho Gallery; Atlântica Gallery; Kromakrea Exhibition – Casa
Galeria-S. Paulo, Brasil; 38º Salon Int L’Académie Européenne des Arts – Belgium; Lamego Museum;
Madeira International Art Biennale; Galeria O+O – Valência, Spain; Grão Vasco Museum; Chroma Gallery-Vigo,Spain; Malta International Art Biennale; Mundiart-Rio de Janeiro,Brasil; Red Gate Gallery-London, UK;


Cake Parade, Portalegre, Club Financiero de Vigo, Spain; Magma Museum, Italia; Portalegre Museum, I
salon AIBACC – Barcelona, Spain; International Arte Fair of Madrid, Spain; van Golik Galllery – Warsaw,
Poland; Fiarte - International Art Fair of Coimbra, Portugal; II Biennale of Coimbra; Art for Heart, Hannover,
Germany; Conímbriga Museum; Museo Nazionale Venezia, Italia; Casa da Luz Museum, Funchal; 2nd
mostra porto 2012; Trienal DESENHA’12; Plural out Project-Bienal Cerveira Museum; Crisolarte Galleries,
Barcelona, Spain; Santos Rocha Museum, Figueira Foz, PT.... and many others...

"A painting of a creator may be recognizable by several aspects, such as
the subject, the color or atmosphere obtained in each work. In the work
of Francisco Urbano there is a curious and rich combination of elements.
The synthesis of these is the ability to transform each work in a
particular fantastic realism that is just amazing in it self. He seems to
be a world to share precisely the neat technical process present in each
composition "
Oscar D'Ambrosio
Critical of Art, Member of the Association of Critics of Art, Master of
Arts, Professor of Visual Arts, UNESP

“Pintando os Versos da Tela” de André Gaglione – 2011
“Questionarte” de José Neto e Aristides Meneses - 2010
“Mitos da Arte” de Ernesto Coelho da Silva – Chiado Editores 2009
“Catalogo delle Quotazioni 2009-2010” de Roberto Puviani – Casa Editrice Alba - Itália
“Revista de arte – artists & galleries promotion” – Londot Gallery 2009

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