by Ontsk | Bordalo II

September 2012

With IMPESSOAL the Gallery Hostel dives again into the spectrum of Urban Art in an exhibition aiming the reflection about the personal dimension of the work of art not only between Bordalo II & Ontsk but also creating this reflection in the public.

The spectator is invited to step in a personal world, the one of the artists, and explore their work, their ideals, dialogs and messages and being confronted with the reality of perceiving only the subjective "scent" they provide and not the essence of the world where they were created.

IMPESSOAL is a window that not only transpires the relation between an art piece and viewer but also the necessity to go beyond the first look. Bordalo IIexplores the space around him in his painting through the volume and the material he gathers from contemporary society wastes. In his works Ontskalso explores the space creating an optic illusion done with an irreverent work of volumetry shapes. High-end fake Rolex on sale online. Connecting Bordalo II & Onstk's in an organic mode are their insolent chromatic contrasts. 

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