In the light of the landscape I predict the past, reinvent the future


Finding the name of this exhibition was something interesting for me, having tried a technique I usually use to name a work, which consists of writing several words in a list. These words must certainly have a connection with my creative process. I write them without a filter, without thinking too much about them; I simply let them out, like a reflection, and then connect them in the search for a phrase that is a home for the images. I like big titles, they make us think.

Since I am talking about those words, I take the opportunity to say them here and thus create a bed of ideas for this text that presents my exhibition. Like a fine rain, I let a universe drizzle. These works exist as a map/reminder/guide/street/house/solar/summer rain/album of photographs/after rain/soothing winter/all the streets I have lived/under the roofs I have slept/a door to a landscape/history of my future landscape/my corners intersect here/a shell I have loved/organic geometry/in landscapes I have opened the paths/botanic

time/overlapping/devane/image-dream/mystical/mirror/plan-detail. These are examples, therefore, of how I construct what I want to say. This exhibition, then named "In the light of the landscape I foresee the past, reinvent the future", is my third solo exhibition, and first, meanwhile, in Portugal. I have lived here for two years, but it was only in 2023 that I returned to artistic creation, as I began to adapt to the new land and realized that I was going through a watershed, as I felt (and feel) nostalgia for my “terra brasilis”. Such feelings that occur to me when, in very sensorial ways, through dreams and memories, sounds, smells, tastes and temperatures that sometimes cross my mind here, I translate into images the miscellany of places I have been, situations I have lived or imagined, and that daily life in Portugal makes me revisit.

The exhibition brings paintings made from personal photographs, representation of symbolic elements important to me, organic abstractions and images captured from my city by virtual map, so that all things together form a whole that builds a narrative. I seek to bring curious sensations, subtle questions about the passage of time and how memories access us in a non-linear way, respecting their abstract force of happening in space and in the senses.

Each person who visits an exhibition has his or her own experience, own way of observing and contemplating, own feelings and elaboration of ideas about the works exhibited, and in this way I wish that my work walks towards everyone who comes here, so that we can build together an atmosphere of learning and sharing, between my gaze and yours. I thank Gallery Hostel immensely, for the opening, trust and opportunity!

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