We Care (Eco Hostel)

Gallery Hostel & the Environment: our WE care project

Gallery Hostel has assumed a mission in accordance with the most modern guidelines of eco-friendly houses.

The WE CARE project is an effort of the Gallery Hostel to protect the environment through different green initiatives and it is also a project aiming to reach the local community as an educational tool. Everything we do at GH is thought to avoid creating waste and damaging our environment, whether that be social or economic.

Environmental Commitment

Recognizing the importance of protecting the environment, the Gallery Hostel aims to provide a service where quality and environmental sustainability are always present in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and also the population in general.

We are therefore committed to continually improving our environmental performance and to minimize the impact of our activities. To this end we commit ourselves to establish and review objectives and targets as part of an environmental management system.

According to the environmental legislation, we assume the following priorities and commitments:

  • Increase efficiency in our use of energy and water in all of our facilities;
  • Minimize waste and implement reuse or recycling initiatives when possible;
  • Use our influence as consumers to promote more sustainable options through our contacts with suppliers and service providers;
  • Involve our guests, employees, local community and suppliers to promote improved environmental performance in all its activities, products and services;
  • Encourage local development with the participation of local communities, suppliers and service providers, promoting economic growth, social and cultural region;
  • The promotion of local wine producers and organically certified wines is also part of the sustainable mission
  • Regularly evaluate environmental impacts and comply with the prevailing standards for sustainable tourism.
  • Promote environmental awareness and training programs for its employees to train and raise awareness of the practice of sustainable tourism.
  • We inform guests of our environmental management and encourage them to support us with achieving our environmental goals.
  • Walking tours are a complementary service and bike rental is also available.
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