"LINES" by Sérgio Marafona


"LINHAS" explores the movement of direction, creating a physical and immaterial mesh that intertwines and detaches from the canvas, capturing and freezing its energy and vitality. It invites the observer to explore the reliefs, shadows, and the fluidity of the interconnection between static art and conceptual movement.

About the artist:

Sérgio Marafona (Póvoa de Varzim, 1990), architect, artist and more.

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto, Sérgio has worked on various collaborative projects involving the fusion and integration of architecture and art, as well as volunteering. Sérgio has extensive experience in small and medium-scale projects, including art installations, single-family housing, multi-family buildings, public spaces, and events.

Sérgio is the creative director at his architecture/art studio "marafona®," where it’s explored the creation of spaces, installations, and buildings - architectural projects, digital art, painting, and sculpture, which are usually showcased and sold digitally as well as at fairs and temporary events.

Simultaneously, alongside his independent studio practice, Sérgio collaborates with the urban management department of a medium to large-scale city, appreciating projects at it’s various stages, managing to balance between technical and legal aspects with the creativity and artistry of architecture.

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