"Mescla" by Rita Fugaz


Rita Guedes was born in Porto, Portugal, on October 4, 1994, took a course in Visual Arts with a specialization in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (2012-2016). Previously, he also attended a Communication Design course (2009-2012) at the artistic school of Soares dos Reis. While taking the Painting course, she joined (2015/2016) the Erasmus + program in Bologna, Italy, where she found the colors that still represent her today. 

At the “Mescla” exhibition, proposals of different dimensions and concepts are presented together: painting in a more conceptual and spiritual way and illustration, in the form of painting, in a more practical and functional way. All projects are conceived and created at different moments in time, as they are all part of the same artist, but they exist and coexist independently. For the first time they take place in the same space and revolve around a conversation of knowledge and an attempt to connect through a thread that guides and merges them.

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