Discovery: Through the eyes of the beholder

By: Marilia Sousa

July 2019

“Discovery: Through the Eyes of the Beholder” is an exhibition of Canadian artist Sze King Lau, which features some of the most iconic pieces of her portfolio.

The phrase, chosen as the theme for this exhibition, summarizes what the artist intends to transmit and stimulate to those who observe her artwork because Sze constructs her pictorial compositions inspired by moments, objects, and places that inhabit her daily life. This is eternalized through her artistic expression, giving the artwork her inner and singular interpretation.

From vibrant colors and forms, sometimes concrete and others abstract, which merge with the background, her works can immediately create a strong empathy with the observer, reminding them of their own memories of time and space. In this way, these pieces give rise to multiple interpretations, all of them dependent on who is in front of the work of art in question.

Sze King Lau from Hangzhou, China, was born in 1976. Her interest in creative art stems from her passion for colors and fashion design.

Teachers and art critics quickly noticed her potential, which further pushed the artist to explore various themes and languages, from abstract to realism. Sze represents, for the most part, common objects such as flowers, city, or natural landscapes, such as the aurora borealis, and gives them new forms and dispositions in space.

Sze has been honored by several international institutions, such as the Société des Artistes Independent and the CanadianDelegation. She has also won international awards such as the Milan International Art Award and the Francisco Goya International Award. Her work has already been exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris as well as in galleries and museums in Italy, France, the United States, China and Canada. This time, it will be her first exhibition in Portugal.

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