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GH Restaurant & Café

And what about meeting other fellow travelers during your stay in Porto? 

Pair up with another resident and enjoy a local wine or delicious cocktails prepared by our barman and order 2 and pay one! 

- Meet & greet - from 7 to 8PM at GH Café on 3rd,10th,17th, 24th and 31st July;

- Event for guests only.

See you soon... at GH!

Entertainment Lounge

Game lovers?! ♟♠️♦️

We have the perfect event for you.. gather with other fellow travelers for the games night and have fun!

Sign in at reception.

👉 Event for residents only;
👉 Meeting point at reception;
👉 Surprise for the winner.

This month: 2nd and 16th August.

GH Café

Are you a cocktail lover? 🍸

This month we propose a weekly workshop to share with you the art of cocktails with our Barman Bras Firmino at our GH Restaurant & Café !

Choose one of the signature cocktails and be a Barman or barmaid for a day.

- Event from 5 to 7 PM @GH Café

- Price: Signature cocktails price from 5.00€ to 12.50€

- Booking not mandatory

- This month: 6th and 13th August.

GH Restaurant

Wine lovers Alert 🍷

Join us on our Wine Tasting Experience to taste portuguese local wines and share experiences with locals and other travelers.

👉 Three wine tasting for only 12€;

👉 Event from 5 to 6PM;

👉 Sign in @ GH Café;

👉 This month : 20th and 27th August.

GH Café

Happy Hour time 🎊

Enjoy our selection of local wines and beers at the best price, in an unique and cozy environment. 

- Special prices at selected beverages;

- Event from 4 to 7 PM;

- Event to residents and locals;

- Booking not mandatory.

This month: 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th August.

GH Café

Foreigners in Porto!

Gather with other fellow travelers and expats in Porto in a cozy environment and try our great local wines or delicious cocktails!

- Event for residents and locals;

- From 5 to 7PM;

This month: 3rd, 17th and 31st August.

GH Café

It's Sangria time! 

Enjoy our special Sangria prepared by our Barman Bras at GH Café while you meet other fellow travelers!

This month: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th August.

GH Restaurant

The best of Portuguese gastronomy at your table 🍽

Enjoy our portuguese experience menu with the portuguese flavours with a twist.

- Portuguese Dinner Experience - from 8 to 10PM;

- Menu with several options - fish, meet and vegetarian;

- Book with our restaurant team!

This month: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th August.

GH Restaurant

Fan of portuguese petiscos?

Bring your friends or meet other fellow travelers and enjoy portuguese delicious petiscos at GH Restaurant!

- Event for locals and residents.

- From 3PM to 11PM;

- This month: 3rd, 17th and 31st August.

GH Café

Beer lovers alert 

GH Café proposes you a artisanal beer tasting while you're staying with us! 

👉 Three Artisanal beer tasting for only 9€;

👉 Event from 4PM to 11PM;

👉 Event for locals and residents;

👉 This month:  9th and 23rd August.

Be a part of our GH family