I'm not a hipster

By: Marília Sousa

May 2019

“I’m not a hipster” is an exhibition with a set of artwork in wood, canvas and paper by the artist Elsa Melo.

Criticism of consumerism (through the introduction of famous brand stencils in the painting composition), is the most explored subject in the works exposed. The artist also admits that by incorporating these familiar icons, her message reaches the viewers more easily.

On the other hand, it is only through Elsa’s artistic expression that we are able to see the characters inhabiting her subconscious, which either appears in the foreground of the canvas, or hides in the background.

The theme of this exhibition was based on a specific artwork showcased here, and intends to illustrate that even though the pieces presented do not correspond to the classic pillars of plastic arts (such as balanced composition or aesthetic perfection), Elsa’s creations must be considered for their strong symbolism and ability to question our values.

This exhibition can be viewed until the 28th of June and all the artwork is available for sale. 

Elsa Melo, born in 1991, in the city of Porto, graduated from the cinema and audiovisual program at the Porto School of Arts. She then obtained her Master's Degree in Artistic Studies, specializing in museum studies and curatorial practices at the faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.Afterwards she began her career painting in autonomous and spontaneous form.

The artist admits to having her inspiration from the neo expressionism of the 80's, the Jen Michel Basquiat legacy, the African mask and outsider art; and shows interest in exploring different materials. However, due to a question of curatorship only works on paper, canvas and wood are presented in this exhibition. 

Elsa clearly showcases ann innovative form of expression. This exhibition questions the relevance of consumerims today in the various spheres of our daily lives through the appropriation of Pop culture and prominent figures.

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