Manuela Taxa


June 2017

Born in Matosinhos, lives in Porto since childhood.

In adolescence reveals a vocation for the arts ending pursuing music. Did the course of the Conservatory of Music of Porto. In 1964 travels to Mozambique where lives and teaches for eight years. In 1974 lives in Rio de Janeiro but ends up in São Paulo. In 1978, returned to Portugal dedicating herself again to teaching music. Manuela Taxa was a member of the Board of Directors of the School Leonardo Coimbra, Filho, where teaches from 1988 to 2006. Makes studies in the field of plastic arts with renowned artists deciding to enter the world of painting definitively.

Receives a prize of the foundation Calouste Gulbenkian; Does a cultural recycling course in São Paulo, Brazil; Obtains the prize of oil painting in the House of Portugal in São Paulo; In 1972 works in projects of training with DREN; In 1978 becames a professional in Porto in the teaching of music; In 1983 participated in the project Renaissance of the City; In 1984 directs an internship in the field of music; Coordinates training activities and cultural activities in Oporto; Participates in pedagogical projects with the Foundation of Serralves etc.

Manuela Taxa has participated in Biennials, prizes, competitions, in various collective and individual exhibitions both in Portugal and abroad. Is referenced in several publications.

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