By: Marília Sousa

August 2019

Per (through) + mutation (transformation) is the exhibition that invites the visitors to an intimate journey through his history, and uses as vehicle of this trip, the illustrations by artist Sónia Borges.

Between the accuracy and precision of the black pen, and the fluid and the stain of coffee , the visitor is challenged, in the first moments, to transport the characters who inhabit the plane of composition into his own universe, his own reality and transformation. Then you will see that, just like the tree itself, it also has its roots, grows to a standard, branches out and reaches other horizons where flowers (dreams) and even fruits (succeeding generations) can grow.

In these drawings, everything has a metaphorical, poetic and organic root. The observer is free to weave his own relations with the works, whether they start from these clues or not.

When visiting this exhibition, everyone is invited to this (and especially his) inner rediscovery, while paying attention to the discreet color details of the illustrations which, as in the transformation of the Man, are outstanding, unique and unexpected, which give magic to the great transformation of life.

Sonia Borges was born in Mirandela and was Graduated in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto in 2004. She is recurrently a Freelancer illustrator, who has been recognized for drawing with her pilot pen 0.4. Her draws are known for telling real stories.

She has published some books, the most recent “Vermelho de dar Dó” (Brazil), and several illustration projects, highlighting the Guide for Families that accompany each exhibition of the Contemporary Art Museum of Serralves.

This exhibition surprises us with the use of materials such as coffee, graphite and acrylic and her pilot pen, in a more gestural dynamics, where the process can be guessed by itself.

A technical change that accompanies the inspiration of the transformation, which wants to illustrate in a metaphorical and poetic way in this comparison with nature and specially with trees.

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