Porto reflectido


April 2013


Carlos Alberto Saavedra Machado Solano de Almeida, born in 1949 in Lisbon, served the military overseas in Guiné between 1971 and 1973. Took his Arquitecture Degree at Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Lisboa, where he got his firm designing lines. However, the artist perfectly links in harmony and constant complicity his academic style with his own excitement and creativity.

It was in Sintra where Carlos first exhibited his works in 1986. Up until today he has showed his 21 Chinese Ink individual exhibitions from which only 7 were watercolor works. Carlos also shared his work with 31 other Collective Exhibitions and is present in 9 Silk Screen printing editions.

“Carlos Solano de Almeida plastic writing describes itself by the precision of its lines and accurate chromatic rigor. (…)”

Nuno Lima de Carvalho

Director of Casino do Estoril Art Gallery


The "Porto Reflected" is a revelation of the unique look that mastery and rare sensibility of Carlos Solano brought to Gallery Hostel. Porto is the city of stone, shades of ashes or water dripping, matter that make the minutes of silence, when we approach the river, reveal the tone rarely angry, so often calm that always shows us in gentle reflections, shared the dream hand in hand with the mild reality of who is near us.

Theme of this exhibition, "Porto Reflected" on the nights that the same river carries up to scenes of a sea or a distant city, or a table that awaits us, also reflects our gaze and our desire.

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