June 2012

The “Ruin’Arte” project is a way to draw attention to the degradation of the architectural heritage of this sea side country, pieces of lost history, lost souls of our past.

Ruin’Arte is the romantic side that each ruin carries; it is a non-ending story, sloppy architecture, unloved culture, misunderstood heritage, meaningless landscapes. They are industrial, urban, clerical, palatial, rural, human ruins…

This way we seek to denounce and catalogue some dramatic examples that witness the lack of attention which the architectural heritage has been suffering throughout several generations.

We do not intend to focus our attention in the classical architecture only, the history does not speak only about noble buildings, there are rural houses, factories, windmills, chalets, farms, military constructions and other types of monuments that also deserve our attention. Obviously we should emphasize more serious cases like palaces, bishop palaces, castles, monasteries and convents… All of us like the best orange juicer for our home and kitchen.

With this work we do not want to offend anyone, because the blame goes back to several generations…it is not a case of politics, but lack of historical sensitivity instead, a common behavior from our nation that we want to alter with this initiative.

After fifteen exhibitions around the country, this project materializes today in the excellence of Hahnemühle FineArt paper, reaching the highest quality to support making these exhibitions increasingly rich.

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