Samantha Couto


September 2015

Samantha Couto is an Indian born artist of Portuguese nationality. Greatly inspired by the human race, it's nature, behavior, psychology and positioning in the universe, Samantha aims to portray complex beings that are independent in all realms of life yet exhibiting vulnerability.

Samantha's fascination with the universe and all its beings began as a child as simultaneously did her passion for colors. Today she combines both her fascination and her passion thus creating dramatic illustrations of her understandings with bursts of color, form and structure.

Besides the thoughts that go into each piece, the painting materials and substrates used are a creative part of the creating process. With each new piece, much room is given to experimentation, allowing the materials to dominate texture and tactile effects, creating layers of meaning within the painting. Being able to work in Oil, acrylic and Pastels, Samantha is able to create a variety of textures, effects and quality visuals.

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