November 2019

Only those who are from Porto, or have visited Porto, know what it is to belong to the history of this city. To the blue of the sea or the river, the gray of the autumn sky, or the orange of the sunny late afternoon.

These and many more are the sensations that are suggested in this exhibition by the photographer João Torres Neves, which were performed when he returned to his hometown after spending a season in Vila Real. It was at this moment that the photographer found a port full of contrasts: sometimes for the exuberance of the tourist, sometimes for the simplicity, and even precariousness, of the locals.

Here, the absence, the presence, the loneliness, the crowd, the time or the lack of it, are linked through the exhibition and intend to praise through the colors, contrasts, textures and scenes represented, what makes our city a place so dear to all who live or visit it.

Born in 1987 in the city of Porto, João Torres Neves studied in Multimedia and later graduated in Theater and Performing Arts.

Although he admits that his background is intrinsically linked to the way he feels about photography, the photographer assumes that the season he spent outside his city and living in Vila Real was crucial to the work he presents us today. This is because it was at the time of the “homecoming” that he created an intimate and strong relationship with the place that saw him grow and felt a real need to portray it through his lens.

João Torres Neves has the practice of doing work “on the spot”, and says that for him, it is essential to have a link with the place where he produces it. He also thinks that his engine of artistic production is the emotion and sensation of the site depicted, and in this case, Porto is for him, in the first resort, the place that influ­enced his growth, and secondly, a place of study, rediscovered now in his mature phase.

It is also important to emphasize that his photography is of digital typology “in camera”, that is, conceived without any manipulation, and this practice is for him a recorded experience of his daily life experiences, that are intended for the ultimate transmission of the sensation of what he sees, smells, hears and feels at the moment and place of the click.

August 2019

Per (through) + mutation (transformation) is the exhibition that invites the visitors to an intimate journey through his history, and uses as vehicle of this trip, the illustrations by artist Sónia Borges.

Between the accuracy and precision of the black pen, and the fluid and the stain of coffee , the visitor is challenged, in the first moments, to transport the characters who inhabit the plane of composition into his own universe, his own reality and transformation. Then you will see that, just like the tree itself, it also has its roots, grows to a standard, branches out and reaches other horizons where flowers (dreams) and even fruits (succeeding generations) can grow.

In these drawings, everything has a metaphorical, poetic and organic root. The observer is free to weave his own relations with the works, whether they start from these clues or not.

When visiting this exhibition, everyone is invited to this (and especially his) inner rediscovery, while paying attention to the discreet color details of the illustrations which, as in the transformation of the Man, are outstanding, unique and unexpected, which give magic to the great transformation of life.

Sonia Borges was born in Mirandela and was Graduated in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto in 2004. She is recurrently a Freelancer illustrator, who has been recognized for drawing with her pilot pen 0.4. Her draws are known for telling real stories.

She has published some books, the most recent “Vermelho de dar Dó” (Brazil), and several illustration projects, highlighting the Guide for Families that accompany each exhibition of the Contemporary Art Museum of Serralves.

This exhibition surprises us with the use of materials such as coffee, graphite and acrylic and her pilot pen, in a more gestural dynamics, where the process can be guessed by itself.

A technical change that accompanies the inspiration of the transformation, which wants to illustrate in a metaphorical and poetic way in this comparison with nature and specially with trees.

July 2019

“Discovery: Through the Eyes of the Beholder” is an exhibition of Canadian artist Sze King Lau, which features some of the most iconic pieces of her portfolio.

The phrase, chosen as the theme for this exhibition, summarizes what the artist intends to transmit and stimulate to those who observe her artwork because Sze constructs her pictorial compositions inspired by moments, objects, and places that inhabit her daily life. This is eternalized through her artistic expression, giving the artwork her inner and singular interpretation.

From vibrant colors and forms, sometimes concrete and others abstract, which merge with the background, her works can immediately create a strong empathy with the observer, reminding them of their own memories of time and space. In this way, these pieces give rise to multiple interpretations, all of them dependent on who is in front of the work of art in question.

Sze King Lau from Hangzhou, China, was born in 1976. Her interest in creative art stems from her passion for colors and fashion design.

Teachers and art critics quickly noticed her potential, which further pushed the artist to explore various themes and languages, from abstract to realism. Sze represents, for the most part, common objects such as flowers, city, or natural landscapes, such as the aurora borealis, and gives them new forms and dispositions in space.

Sze has been honored by several international institutions, such as the Société des Artistes Independent and the CanadianDelegation. She has also won international awards such as the Milan International Art Award and the Francisco Goya International Award. Her work has already been exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris as well as in galleries and museums in Italy, France, the United States, China and Canada. This time, it will be her first exhibition in Portugal.

May 2019

Ó-Porto is an exhibition of illustrations by the artist Francisca Tenreiro, which invites the visitors to take a guided tour of the most famous places of this amazing city.

The artist, native of Porto, intends, through her love for illustration combined with the organic forms that live in her imagination, to take the visitors of this exhibition to travel in a unique space.

Visit us, take a tour of Porto and discover all the amazing monuments that attract more and more visitors to our city every day!

The exhibition will be available for visit until May 3rd and all works presented here are for sale.

May 2019

“I’m not a hipster” is an exhibition with a set of artwork in wood, canvas and paper by the artist Elsa Melo.

Criticism of consumerism (through the introduction of famous brand stencils in the painting composition), is the most explored subject in the works exposed. The artist also admits that by incorporating these familiar icons, her message reaches the viewers more easily.

On the other hand, it is only through Elsa’s artistic expression that we are able to see the characters inhabiting her subconscious, which either appears in the foreground of the canvas, or hides in the background.

The theme of this exhibition was based on a specific artwork showcased here, and intends to illustrate that even though the pieces presented do not correspond to the classic pillars of plastic arts (such as balanced composition or aesthetic perfection), Elsa’s creations must be considered for their strong symbolism and ability to question our values.

This exhibition can be viewed until the 28th of June and all the artwork is available for sale. 

Elsa Melo, born in 1991, in the city of Porto, graduated from the cinema and audiovisual program at the Porto School of Arts. She then obtained her Master's Degree in Artistic Studies, specializing in museum studies and curatorial practices at the faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.Afterwards she began her career painting in autonomous and spontaneous form.

The artist admits to having her inspiration from the neo expressionism of the 80's, the Jen Michel Basquiat legacy, the African mask and outsider art; and shows interest in exploring different materials. However, due to a question of curatorship only works on paper, canvas and wood are presented in this exhibition. 

Elsa clearly showcases ann innovative form of expression. This exhibition questions the relevance of consumerims today in the various spheres of our daily lives through the appropriation of Pop culture and prominent figures.

June 2017

Born in Matosinhos, lives in Porto since childhood.

In adolescence reveals a vocation for the arts ending pursuing music. Did the course of the Conservatory of Music of Porto. In 1964 travels to Mozambique where lives and teaches for eight years. In 1974 lives in Rio de Janeiro but ends up in São Paulo. In 1978, returned to Portugal dedicating herself again to teaching music. Manuela Taxa was a member of the Board of Directors of the School Leonardo Coimbra, Filho, where teaches from 1988 to 2006. Makes studies in the field of plastic arts with renowned artists deciding to enter the world of painting definitively.

Receives a prize of the foundation Calouste Gulbenkian; Does a cultural recycling course in São Paulo, Brazil; Obtains the prize of oil painting in the House of Portugal in São Paulo; In 1972 works in projects of training with DREN; In 1978 becames a professional in Porto in the teaching of music; In 1983 participated in the project Renaissance of the City; In 1984 directs an internship in the field of music; Coordinates training activities and cultural activities in Oporto; Participates in pedagogical projects with the Foundation of Serralves etc.

Manuela Taxa has participated in Biennials, prizes, competitions, in various collective and individual exhibitions both in Portugal and abroad. Is referenced in several publications.

April 2017

Monika Reut was born in 1991 in Olsztyn. she lives and works in Gdańsk, Poland She is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In 2014 she got her Bachelor in Architecture Faculty at Gdańsk University of Technolgy. She also took part twice in the Erasmus exchange programme and spent two semesters at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Porto. She collaborated with Gdańsk School of Mural and was co-author of several murals in Poland, Romania and Moldova.

November 2016

David Barnes tried to find a method of creating a collage that reflected the depth and layering of tones evident in the city of Porto. Using paper, cork and a fine mesh he made a more sculptural form of collage. This series reflects the physical aspects of the city as well as purer geometric/abstract patterns that echo the essence of depth and space.

October 2016

Gemma Marqués was born in Burgos, in the north of Spain. Since 2009 she lives and works  in her own Casa Taller, in la Guardia, Pontevedra,Galicia, Spain. Since she was a child she loved drawing and painting, mixing colours, and catching the essence of people and common objects.

In 2004 she gets her degree in Fine Arts, focusing on painting, at Pontevedra University.

She attended a course about Protraitism in Complutense University in Madrid where she got the top qualifications, being she the youngest pupil.

Since then, she has decided to dedicate herself professionally to painting her own creations and also she has already painted one houndred of commissioned oil portraits.

Since 2015, she also teaches Art Classes for adults at La Casa Taller.

January 2016

It is with great pleasure that the Gallery Hostel welcomes over the next month and a half the artist Maria André and her current exhibition "Diversity".

Maria André, born in Valongo (Porto), attended the course in Technology, Drawing and Painting at the “Multipurpose Cooperative Artistic Education – A Árvore”. The painter also had lessons with several well-known teachers embodied in the artistic circle. The artist began operating in 1973 and has several works displayed in collections, private and official.

Exemplifying the work that the artist Maria André has been holding and exhibiting at some of the best Portuguese Art Galleries, this current exhibition is the result of a free and diverse expression, in which the artist has been presenting over time. From watercolor landscape to the most varied forms, natural and abstract visions, natural mixture of sadness and joy as well as warm and cool colors, the artist provides us with an exhibition that is characterized by its free expression, deep feelings, perfect simplicities...

November 2015
September 2015

Samantha Couto is an Indian born artist of Portuguese nationality. Greatly inspired by the human race, it's nature, behavior, psychology and positioning in the universe, Samantha aims to portray complex beings that are independent in all realms of life yet exhibiting vulnerability.

Samantha's fascination with the universe and all its beings began as a child as simultaneously did her passion for colors. Today she combines both her fascination and her passion thus creating dramatic illustrations of her understandings with bursts of color, form and structure.

Besides the thoughts that go into each piece, the painting materials and substrates used are a creative part of the creating process. With each new piece, much room is given to experimentation, allowing the materials to dominate texture and tactile effects, creating layers of meaning within the painting. Being able to work in Oil, acrylic and Pastels, Samantha is able to create a variety of textures, effects and quality visuals.

June 2015

Pedro Inácio

Born in Lisbon. Museologist and researcher in the field of photography. In 1984, began working with photography having inaugurated in 2005, his first solo exhibition. He conducted more than fifty solo and group exhibitions in Portugal and abroad (Spain, South Korea, Romania and the USA). He participated as jury in several photo contests at national and international level. It has four published books about different topics, resulting from his photographic work and research.

Carlos Inácio

Born in Lisbon. He lives in Peniche, where he exercises Medicine. In 1973, he began his photographic activity. He participated in several solo and group exhibitions of photography. Some of his works have been published in books and magazines. In 2011 he edited and co-authored with his brother, the photo book "The Silence of the Storks".

Mariana Inácio

Born in Caldas da Rainha. Lives in Évora, exercising medical profession. Her interest in photography comes in 2008, as a university student. She participated in several photo contests and group exhibitions.

January 2015
November 2014
September 2014

Exhibition Design and Illustration

by Teresa Rego

From 20/09/2014 until 07/11/2014

July 2014
June 2014
May 2014
March 2014
January 2014

Francisco Urbano

Born in Portugal, 1961

Recommended by Serralves Museum;

Member of Arvore (Portugal); Member of AIBACC (Barcelona/Spain);

Resident Artist in the Cais Art's, Atlântica and Londot Galleries;

School of Arts Soares dos Reis; Photography - Portuguese Institute of Photography;

Curval Atelier;

Founder and Manager of the L’AGENZIA DI ARTE Group.

Distinction Prize in Portugal's Fine Arts Show 2007;

Winner 2007 in the Prime Class Art Portugal Gallery Prize;

Honourable Mention in Brazil’s Fine Arts Show 2007;

Médaille D’Or - 38º Salon Concours International – Académie Européenne Des Arts - 2008;

Special Distinction Award – Malta International Art Biennale 2009; Bronze Award 2012 Cais

Art’s Gallery;

More than 150 exhibitions: Cais Art's Gallery; Cam. Municipal de Monção - Casa do Curro, Café Majestic Gallery; Cupertino Miranda Foundation; Homo Habilis Gallery; Armindo Teixeira Lopes Museum; Rui

Alberto Gallery; Rivoli Theater; Artis, GóisArte; Agirarte; Mãe D'Água Museum; Casa da Cultura da Trofa; Carmen Miranda Museum; III Int. Exhibition of Quinta do Lago - Londot Gallery; Puro Arte 2007 - Vigo Int. Art Fair – Spain; Arte G Gallery; Lugar do Vinho Gallery; Atlântica Gallery; Kromakrea Exhibition – Casa Galeria-S. Paulo, Brasil; 38º Salon Int L’Académie Européenne des Arts – Belgium; Lamego Museum; Madeira International Art Biennale; Galeria O+O – Valência, Spain; Grão Vasco Museum; Chroma Gallery-Vigo,Spain; Malta International Art Biennale; Mundiart-Rio de Janeiro,Brasil; Red Gate Gallery-London, UK; Cake Parade, Portalegre, Club Financiero de Vigo, Spain; Magma Museum, Italia; Portalegre Museum, I salon AIBACC – Barcelona, Spain; International Arte Fair of Madrid, Spain; van Golik Galllery – Warsaw, Poland; Fiarte - International Art Fair of Coimbra, Portugal; II Biennale of Coimbra; Art for Heart, Hannover, Germany; Conímbriga Museum; Museo Nazionale Venezia, Italia; Casa da Luz Museum, Funchal; 2nd mostra porto 2012; Trienal DESENHA’12; Plural out Project-Bienal Cerveira Museum; Crisolarte Galleries, Barcelona, Spain; Santos Rocha Museum, Figueira Foz, PT.... and many others...

"A painting of a creator may be recognizable by several aspects, such as the subject, the color or atmosphere obtained in each work. In the work of Francisco Urbano there is a curious and rich combination of elements. The synthesis of these is the ability to transform each work in a particular fantastic realism that is just amazing in it self. He seems to be a world to share precisely the neat technical process present in each composition "

Oscar D'Ambrosio

Critical of Art, Member of the Association of Critics of Art, Master of Arts, Professor of Visual Arts, UNESP


“Pintando os Versos da Tela” de André Gaglione – 2011

“Questionarte” de José Neto e Aristides Meneses - 2010

“Mitos da Arte” de Ernesto Coelho da Silva – Chiado Editores 2009

“Catalogo delle Quotazioni 2009-2010” de Roberto Puviani – Casa Editrice Alba - Itália

“Revista de arte – artists & galleries promotion” – Londot Gallery 2009

September 2013

Photography Exhibition

“I look at the world around me.

I see beyond the simple look.

I take photos to share the world I see."

This is the principle of learning to see the world around us. And register it. For each of us, for others. For everyone. It is also for this that Photographic Art exists. It is this sharing which brings us closer and enriches us. “

Patrícia Pereira- Aluna Secção de Fotografia

Social Services, an worker organization from CGD, aims to promote protection in health and social needs. In this context, it develops sports and cultural activities, supporting its members and beneficiaries in the occupation of their leisure time and training.

It is here that fits the theme of photography and creating a section specifically dedicated to it, aiming also at the development of the individual in its social dimension.

April 2013


Carlos Alberto Saavedra Machado Solano de Almeida, born in 1949 in Lisbon, served the military overseas in Guiné between 1971 and 1973. Took his Arquitecture Degree at Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Lisboa, where he got his firm designing lines. However, the artist perfectly links in harmony and constant complicity his academic style with his own excitement and creativity.

It was in Sintra where Carlos first exhibited his works in 1986. Up until today he has showed his 21 Chinese Ink individual exhibitions from which only 7 were watercolor works. Carlos also shared his work with 31 other Collective Exhibitions and is present in 9 Silk Screen printing editions.

“Carlos Solano de Almeida plastic writing describes itself by the precision of its lines and accurate chromatic rigor. (…)”

Nuno Lima de Carvalho

Director of Casino do Estoril Art Gallery


The "Porto Reflected" is a revelation of the unique look that mastery and rare sensibility of Carlos Solano brought to Gallery Hostel. Porto is the city of stone, shades of ashes or water dripping, matter that make the minutes of silence, when we approach the river, reveal the tone rarely angry, so often calm that always shows us in gentle reflections, shared the dream hand in hand with the mild reality of who is near us.

Theme of this exhibition, "Porto Reflected" on the nights that the same river carries up to scenes of a sea or a distant city, or a table that awaits us, also reflects our gaze and our desire.

June 2013
February 2013

The group exhibition at Gallery Hostel during spring will be a celebration of Nature, taking the lead in this topic will be the work of Rita Stravinsky and Aurelia Brysch.

Also on show will be the collective VHS Fanzine # 17 which explores the independent edition in all of its forms and presents multidisciplinary pieces in the space of the Gallery Hostel where their original publications about the hunting crossbow will also be on sale.

January 2013

The nature of the creative process of Alexandre Rola is settled in the appropriation, decontextualization, and reinterpretation of unpretentious and unconventional objects available in quotidian life, as an example of it we have the use he makes of the billboards that invade our cities without permission.

The topics Alexandre Rola approaches are some marginalized groups of persons by society as well as the nomadism that we can, sometimes, find associated with it. This best crossbow exhibition Panem et Circenses: Freedom as a possibility for isolation is the reflection of these concerns which affects the artist - like homeless and circus performers.

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November 2012

Lost childhoods. Days that are always equal. Souls won by life dreams left on the corners of the streets.

Faces covered with wrinkles. Signs of the times and of the blackness lives full of loneliness.

Hurts cherished by ruble wines dropout in cold winter water which washes the last stains of sin, of conversations by the river.

Routine cries echoed in the air, which did not materialize experiences and emotions ever felt. That is why we like the best orange juicer on the market.

Wrinkles of wisdom, full of Suffered Lives...

Luís Reina

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September 2012

With IMPESSOAL the Gallery Hostel dives again into the spectrum of Urban Art in an exhibition aiming the reflection about the personal dimension of the work of art not only between Bordalo II & Ontsk but also creating this reflection in the public.

The spectator is invited to step in a personal world, the one of the artists, and explore their work, their ideals, dialogs and messages and being confronted with the reality of perceiving only the subjective “scent” they provide and not the essence of the world where they were created. We can see the best orange juicer is very popular.

IMPESSOAL is a window that not only transpires the relation between an art piece and viewer but also the necessity to go beyond the first look. Bordalo IIexplores the space around him in his painting through the volume and the material he gathers from contemporary society wastes. In his works Ontskalso explores the space creating an optic illusion done with an irreverent work of volumetry shapes. Connecting Bordalo II & Onstk’s in an organic mode are their insolent chromatic contrasts. 

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June 2012

The “Ruin’Arte” project is a way to draw attention to the degradation of the architectural heritage of this sea side country, pieces of lost history, lost souls of our past.

Ruin’Arte is the romantic side that each ruin carries; it is a non-ending story, sloppy architecture, unloved culture, misunderstood heritage, meaningless landscapes. They are industrial, urban, clerical, palatial, rural, human ruins…

This way we seek to denounce and catalogue some dramatic examples that witness the lack of attention which the architectural heritage has been suffering throughout several generations.

We do not intend to focus our attention in the classical architecture only, the history does not speak only about noble buildings, there are rural houses, factories, windmills, chalets, farms, military constructions and other types of monuments that also deserve our attention. Obviously we should emphasize more serious cases like palaces, bishop palaces, castles, monasteries and convents… All of us like the best orange juicer for our home and kitchen.

With this work we do not want to offend anyone, because the blame goes back to several generations…it is not a case of politics, but lack of historical sensitivity instead, a common behavior from our nation that we want to alter with this initiative.

After fifteen exhibitions around the country, this project materializes today in the excellence of Hahnemühle FineArt paper, reaching the highest quality to support making these exhibitions increasingly rich.

April 2012

Mr.Dheo always related to art. When he was three years old he began to copy sentences from newspapers and magazines and drew on his own. He always rejected any kind of connection to a school or art course in his childhood. He developed his own techniques, which enabled him to evolve without direct influences.

As an autodidact, the first contact with graffiti appeared at the age of fifteen and soon his drawings turned into countless letter studies. This happened almost twelve years ago.

Today – after eleven years of continuous work – Mr. Dheo collaborates with well-known international brands and companies about the best orange juicer although he keeps the street as the perfect place to create. Versatile, he dedicates himself mostly to photorealistic productions which together with graphic components, gives him a very personal style in constant growth and development.

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March 2012

This exhibition is a joy for the eyes and an explosion of the plant world in clay.

We get stuck to the symmetries and asymmetries of her flowers, their sunny colors, their glaze, and the subtle movement of their forms.

Maria João Ribeiro’s vibrant and colorful pieces had given life and added humor to trivial objects. We can use the best drone for everything.

January 2012

Photography is the art of color and the instant.

These photographs have different dates, different sizes, different colors, and different topics and subjects. They just meet in the photographer’s sensitivity in disclosed moments and longing instants, perhaps revealing an inevitable involuntary autobiography. Cities, reflected spaces, invaded environments, the breathing of atmospheres, the peeped-in recesses, people we see everywhere. Just a look…

Images, therefore, have a space, a time, and a memory. They are the result of several journeys through the world, searching other spaces, other times, another world. A world each time smaller, each time closer, each time more alluring. I know the bowhunters like to use the best crossbow for hunting.

Every place I visit I leave a bit of myself behind; but I bring with me a bit of them all too.

João Trindade, January 2012

November 2011

Tiago Feijoo explores the complexity of the human mind, through the organic and metaphysics connecting emotions, urging the auto-reflection and overlooking attentively to what surrounds us.

The exhibition “Figuraciones del amor” from Tiago Feijoo has some of his more complex works with appearing abstraction that assumes the shape of scientific studies about the brain and the mind. His attraction for the medic and scientific universe is evident when we observe his works. It is an experience for the senses.

July 2011

To celebrate the opening of Gallery Hostel, the exhibition "A Prieto e a Cores no Porto" is an invitation to listen to our senses.

Alexandra Prieto creates an imaginary world, plenty of multiple significances transporting us through a trip among the flavor of her art... And if art can be tasted can it also be shoed?

Alexandra Prieto was born in Lisbon in 1977. Graduated in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, and the Design course of the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Since 1993 she exhibits in various galleries around the country. You know people like to use the best crossbow for hunting in our country.

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